Living Sculpture

Living Sculpture: Sycamore Bench

Sycamore Bench
Kanapaha Botanical Garden
Gainesville, FL

A concrete bench with two Sycamore trees grafted together at each end. This piece follows up on my interest in incorporating material in tree growth. Here the idea is the concrete bench will be included in the growth of the two Sycamore trees grafted together at each end.

I planted each tree and mechanically fastened it to a corner of the bench. The tree was then bent around and brought to the other and fastened as a graft.

Sycamore Bench Detail

The concrete is very heavy of course but there is no reason that eventually the tree's girth will support the bench alone and the two support stands underneath can be dug out and removed.

I like to look at how smoothly sycamore grows over inanimate objects. It reminds me often of the wild ficus growing over the ruins at Ankor Wat in Cambodia. I think of total incorporation of building materials.