Living Sculpture

Living Sculpture: Five Elm Arches

Five Elm Arches Woodstock, Vermont

This is a 58 foot long procession of five Elm tree arches with a gentle curve. It enjoys a beautiful location as a permanent installation at Sculpturefest in Woodstock, Vermont.

The choice of Elm as the tree material called for wiring and metal frame armatures to hold the trees to the design shape.

A little persuasion

Elm, by its nature, is more "rubbery" and "floppy" as a young tree. It does not necessarily hold the "memory" of a form it is put to. Not until substantial wood has grown does it then hold a shape. Wires and a metal "training" form were in place on this project until recently. Wires held the upper parts of the trees in position and helped keep the spacing. Metal arch forms held the trees to the arch and stabilized and held the graft immobile.