Living Sculpture

Living Sculpture: Myrtle Arch

Crepe Myrtle Arch
Kanapaha Botanical Garden
Gainesville, Fl.

Two Crepe Myrtle trees, one white and one purple flowered, forming an arch over an entrance to a children's garden. The top of the arch is 7 feet, which is high for a children's garden.

Crepe Myrtle grow fast and often inosculate or intertwine and grow together on their own in the wild. They are therefore easy to graft.

Living Sculpture: Myrtle Arch Detail

I began this project by bending the arch over a metal frame. This meant bringing the two trees from either side together and weaving the lattice work squares with the branches. Here, I brought together and mechanically fastened the branches together with screws at the points of crossing or intersection. Though the windows of the lattice are small, they can be cut away to use larger windows as the project progresses.