A Botanical Architecture Inquiry

What I do with plants and trees is collaborative. I use a growing plant as a material, which I influence over time. I shape and build with the natural growth tendencies of the tree or gourd.

The moulded gourd pieces may take months to do, working the tree and root projects, years. Time in the plant world is distinct, and at the cellular level. The time it takes to do a particular project is a measurement of a natural process. This part can't really be hurried. It teaches patience and an awareness of the natural world. This kind of "taking time" is rare in the modern world.

The reciprocity in working with nature, influencing the direction and future of growth, is unique. There is a definite give and take and reaction and response. I intervene and the plant responds. The Self and Nature dialog going on during the time invested with the plant and during thoughtful and considered interventions may lead to other new and creative ways of relating to the wider natural world.

I work with museums, botanical gardens, aboreta and schools to include Botanical Architecture as part of their exibition inventory and educational programs. Private commisions are available upon request.

Dan Ladd